Contract for Non-Show

Does the buyer receive a copy of a contract for Non-Show when it is submitted?

Yes.  The buyer also receives email updates if you change something in the contract like adding the puppy information.

How do I see the Contract for Non-Show which has been submitted?

1) Log in to your website.

2) Hver over the heading "FORMS"

3) Click on "Contract For Show - Admin"

When the puppies are ready to be selected, how do I add the information to the contract?

Our contracts are written with a clause stating the contract is not in full force until a specific puppy is assigned to the purchaser and recorded in the contract.  Our contracts further state the purchaser has a limited length of time to cancel the contract and failure to do so is acknowledgement by the buyer of acceptance of the puppy assigned.

1) Log in to your website.

2) Hover over the heading "FORMS".

3) Click on "Contract for Non-Show - Admin".

The first thing you do is update the information in the "Update Information" box with the information you are going to add or change.


I don't sell to pet homes. Can the contract for non-show be deleted?

Yes!  Just create a ticket and we will be glad to remove it from your site.


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